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Hanson Muscle Therapy – HMT a new and holistic approach to sports medicine, is a feedback-based manual therapy for immediate pain relief, injury rehabilitation, and performance enhancement. The muscles of our body enable us to move, and they also act as an armor that protects us. It is in this armor we find the dents from use, overuse, and abuse. Whenever our body or mind is experiencing stress or tension it will manifest as hypersensitive chinks in the armor – knots in our muscles. These knots are called trigger or acupressure points and act as circuit breakers that tense up when overloaded.

No one has pain, anxiety, or depression for no reason. In the same way, no one experiences failure, sub-par performance, or unhappiness for no reason. There are cause and effect, action and reaction, meaning, and purpose with everything that happens in life. In my practice of HMT, I learned how to localize points of tension, interpret the cause of the tension, and release the tension for immediate pain relief and improved performance. Teaching my patients the cause of their pain and failure helps them realize what they need to do to change their behavior, beliefs, and attitudes.

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